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Examines potential defenses in LFPI cases. The "utilities filed rate doctrine" is closely analyzed for "fit" in insurance cases and the conclusion is clear: There is no fit for the filed rate doctrine in insurance cases.
Lenders require insurance to protect collateral. This book reveals how lenders place insurance by force..
This book is based on 5,000 cases and statutes and other bad faith law authorities.

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Litigation and Prevention of Insurer Bad Faith 3rd Edition

There has never been a book like "Litigation and Prevention of Insurer Bad Faith" before. No other books are based on 5,000 indispensable cases and statutes and law authorities. In an easily readable style, Dennis Wall lays out the claims and defenses that are potentially available in situations which may involve insurer bad faith: Rights, remedies, damages, defenses, attorney's fees, and more. The electronic book sold by West contains links to the cited cases and statutes and many of the legal authorities offered in this book's database. It is an unparalleled one-volume source for understanding the facts and the law of insurer bad faith situations.